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5+1 Top Market Research Podcasts Episodes to Bring You up to Speed Today

5+1 Top Market Research Podcasts Episodes to Bring You up to Speed Today

While market research methodologies rarely change, technology is undergoing continuous transformation and innovation is at its heyday. Trade conferences help researchers stay on top of trends and news but sometimes travel is too complicated or there’s just no time to attend online summits. Filtering down to only the essential information is getting more and more complicated. 

It is in this spirit that we’ve collected 5+1 of the best podcast episodes to listen to about behavioral science from the top industry podcasts out there. Whether you’re making your morning coffee, going for a jog, or driving, you’ll find a “must listen” in this curated collection. 

5+1 Podcast Episodes

1. Laura Beavin-Yates on Utilizing Smartwatches to Measure Emotional Connection, Happy Market Research

Laura Beavin-Yates talks about how brands can deepen their understanding of how customers connect emotionally to messaging, advertisements, websites, and shopping experiences through revolutionary technology. Laura’s the SVP of Customer Success at Immersion, a technology platform that measures people’s unconscious neurological connection to an experience or piece of content in real-time using their existing smartwatch.

2. Elys Roberts on Taking Risks and Non-conscious Decision-making, Data Gurus

In this episode, the Founder & CEO of Beesy, Elys Roberts speaks about his career journey, looking at risk from a behavioral science perspective, describes conscious versus non-conscious behavior, and touches upon the exciting things behavioral science can provide for market researchers.

3. A Non-Boring Behavioral Economic Lesson with Melina Palmer, Ponderings from the Perch

Melina Palmer, Founder & CEO of The Brainy Business, covers how pricing is never about the price itself and educates us about all things in the Behavioral Economics sphere like how brains work, decision-making, and messaging.

4. Anil Seth on Embodied Storytelling and Co-creation, The Future of Storytelling Podcast

Neuroscientist and author Anil Seth discusses his book "Being You: A New Science of Consciousness" and brings his scientific perspective to bear on topics including embodied storytelling, co-creation, artificial intelligence, and how the stories that we hear and tell can change our experience of the world around us.

5. Universal Brain Truths with Paul Bolls and Colette Thayer, Engagious Podcast 

Paul Bolls, Director of Media Mind Insights and Neuromarketing Research Group at Texas Tech University, and Colette Thayer, Senior Consumer Insights Research Advisor at AARP discuss projects they’ve done together related to AARP publications and direct mail. They also take us through the three universal brain truths that Paul uncovered during his years of research.


And now for one more bonus episode:


Tapping into Narrative Research and Behavioral Science with Leigh Caldwell, Ponderings from the Perch

Leigh Caldwell dives deep into narrative research as it relates to behavioral science in practice and speaks about how narrative research collectively brings a better understanding of consumer behavior to the table.

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