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VIDEO: Solving Claimed vs Actual

A key challenge for many insights teams is the gap between claimed behaviour and actual behaviour. This is especially problematic in periods and circumstances where consumers are in new environments or situations. Many research techniques ask questions based on past behaviours, but when there is no analogous past behaviour consumers have to guess what they might do. This guess is tied up with a number of behavioural biases and heuristics consumers may not even be aware about. So when it comes to action, a consumer might make a radically different choice than they might have assumed. So what can we do about it? 

The key in understanding future behaviours and motivations lies in behavioural science. Using behavioural techniques we can accurately predict future human behaviour, what's more, by overlaying these techniques to traditional methods we can solve the problem of claimed vs actual and also provide the "why" behind the "what" and give you far more actionable insights. In this video our founder, Leigh Caldwell, shares how you can apply behavioural science to a number of techniques, including; segmentation, U&A research, depth interviews, concept testing, communications and claims testing, brand tracking, conjoint analysis, shelf and pack testing, UX research, and focus groups. 

The slides of the presentation can be downloaded here. 



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