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Your guide to closing the say-do gap with behavioural science

Brand tracking, segmentation, and focus groups are among traditional research methods almost as old as the industry itself, and for decades they have done a reliable job. However, these, and many other traditional methods have clear issues. We know there is a big difference between what people claim they do and think, and their true behaviours and motivations. Additionally, many of these methods might give you the what, but not the why that can really give you actionable insights and direction. 

Behavioural science can help. By applying behavioural techniques to these traditional methods you can close the gap and get the why behind the what. In our new eBook and video presentation we share how you can generate better insights for: segmentation, U&A Research, depth interviews, concept testing, communications and claims testing, brand tracking, conjoint analysis, shelf and pack Testing, UX Research, and focus groups.

Download are eBook here, and watch the video below. 





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