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Everything you need for the FCA Consumer Duty regulations

The FCA Consumer Duty regulations are not a one-off. Whether you're testing for open or closed products, for old or new, they require the embedding of behavioural science in your data and insight function for continuous testing. 

Behavioural science is our bread and butter, and we've been working with a number of financial brands over the past couple of years to help them make the most of the opportunity to help their customers get better outcomes. Over that period we've produced a number of guides in different formats to help everyone get their testing right, first time. Here we've collected everything together for you. 

We have two separate guides for FCA Consumer Duty regulation testing. The first contains details of all the techniques you need to test for biases, value, and comprehension, and the key biases and heuristics you need to be aware of. Our "What Comes Next" guide gives you all the information you need to monitor outcomes, test closed products, and test new products. 

FCA_Compliance_Guide_one-title-page                 title-page-phase-2-1

You can also watch our webinar on the second phase of testing here: 





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