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The Narrative Research Forum

The story is evolutionary. Narrative is hardwired into us. It is fundamental in how we communicate, how we think, and how we make choices. Narrative research uncovers the stories that sit at the centre of the decision and opinion-making process, and can provide true future insight, accurately forecasting our future behaviours and motivations. At Irrational Agency we believe that narrative research is key to getting closer to consumers and generating unique insights. That’s why we created the Narrative Research Forum. An annual event that brings together global speakers to share the latest in narrative research. 

You can watch all the presentations from the event below. 

Leigh Caldwell and NewMR founder, Ray Poynter discuss the role of narrative in research 


Irrational Agency's Steph Shaarwi and Maura Collins-Titone discuss the application of Narrative Research at Mondelez. 


Kristian Aloma discusses how narrative psychology is used at Threadline to get close to consumers 


Daniel Fazekas of Bakamo Social demonstrates how consumer narratives in social media can generate unique insights


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