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MRS WEBINAR: Narrative Research

We’re delighted to announce Leigh Caldwell will be hosting the Market Research Society webinar Narrative research: The only way to predict future behaviour on the 8th November 2023!

When it comes to understanding consumer behaviour, researchers have tapped into a variety of different methods over the years. One approach that has gained popularity in recent times is narrative research. This involves listening to people's stories and looking for insights into their behaviour. But why is narrative research such an important tool for behavioural scientists?

Ask any human to recount their favourite story and most likely they will start with a telling of the character, their background story, the setting for the protagonist with a hope or dream. Looming in the next part is how the dream is dashed. The plot will thicken and take a twist or turn (or two). Just when the protagonist seems most unlikely to succeed, the conflict is resolved and the hero gains something new in the resolution. While this is just one of many story arcs, humans easily understand their world through stories - no matter what version is used.

Consumers are bad at predicting future behaviour, and traditional market research only asks questions based on past choices. However, using narrative research as a method for understanding consumer behaviour, allows the participant to play the part of the protagonist and reveal their own journey, in their own words, in their own settings, with their own conflicts and twists and turns and ultimately write their own ending. These individualized stories deliver a singular perspective which, through analysis, you will be able to better predict future consumer behaviours and motivations.

In Leigh’s webinar you’ll get:

  • A comprehensive outline of an increasingly important methodology
  • Practical advice and takeaways that can be applied immediately
  • An understanding of the tools needed to get a deeper understanding of consumer behaviour

You can sign up for the webinar on the Market Research Society Website

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